Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics update

The Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics website and the Depressed Metabolism blog have now been completely integrated.

In 2007 the Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics was established as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization to educate the general public about cryonics and launch projects to improve the science and practice of cryonics. The Institute publishes the Depressed Metabolism blog about cryonics and life extension, hosts the Scientists’ Open Letter on Cryonics, and runs two mailing lists about personalized cryonics and low cost personal survival technologies. In the near future we aim to launch a public wiki project to generate a knowledge database to assist in the resuscitation of existing cryonics patients.

The weekend of July 7 and July 8 the Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics and Cryonics Northwest will host a symposium on cryonics and brain-threatening disorders in Portland, Oregon. Confirmed speakers include Aubrey de Grey, Ben Best, Max More, Michael Perry, and Chana de Wolf. Please save the date. More details will be provided soon.

Regular posting on the Depressed Metabolism blog will resume tomorrow.