The Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics moderates two mailing lists. A mailing list about Personalized Cryonics for members of existing cryonics organizations, and a mailing list about Low Cost Personal Survival Technologies.

Personalized Cryonics

Personalized Cryonics is an approach to cryonics that emphasizes the use of individual (health) information to optimize a person’s cryopreservation circumstances and outcomes.

To exchange information and empower individuals, a moderated discussion list was created by the Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics. It is a discussion list for members of existing cryonics organizations who seek to understand and change their personal circumstances to optimize their own survival and (potential) cryopreservation.

Typical topics on this list include personal genomics, personalized medicine, diet options, fitness, nutrigenetics, cryonics first-aid, custom-built stabilization equipment, advance directives and living wills, third-party interference, brain threatening diseases, and local support groups.

A public list with resources for the Personalized Cryonics mailing list is available here.

Low Cost Personal Survival Technologies

Low Cost Personal Survival Technologies is a moderated mailing list by the Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics.

The objective of this mailing list is to bring personal survival technologies within the reach of more people.

Personal survival technologies includes human cryopreservation, but also alternative approaches such as chemical brain preservation, ambient vitrification, whole brain emulation, or combinations of such technologies.

If you feel you can contribute to this list by resolving the technical, financial, and social challenges associated with these technologies, we welcome you.