Basile J. Luyet on the instability of solidified solutions

Basile J. Luyet (1897-1974) can be considered the father of modern cryobiology. His book “Life and Death at Low Temperatures” is a classic in the field and his journal “Biodynamica” evolved into a publication solely dedicated to the study of low temperature biology. Luyet identified the possibility of solidification without crystallization at low temperatures (vitrification) […]

Interview with Alcor readiness coordinator Regina Pancake

This is the second in a series of interviews with individuals in the life extension and cryonics movement. The first interview was with Cryonics Institute president Ben Best. This interview is with Regina Pancake, Alcor’s Readiness Coordinator. How did you get involved in cryonics? My story is not your typical in the details, but in […]

My road to a possible future

My experiences with death began in 1974, when I was age 10. On Labor Day Sunday, while watching the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon, my father told me to turn the TV off. When I asked why, he said my grandfather, age 74, died. I would learn years later that he had emphysema and heart trouble. […]

Time for the rebirth of cryonics in Britain

A PDF file of this article with images is available here. “Tenderly you stroke a Nettle, and it stings you for your pains. Grasp it like a man of mettle, and it soft as silk remains.” – Old English proverb Nearly 20 years ago Alan Sinclair successfully undertook to establish a cryonics facility in the […]

The chemistry of neuroprotection

In a review of the 1998 21st Century Medicine seminars, Cryonics Institute president Ben Best writes: “The presentations impressed upon me how much witchcraft and how little science has gone into the study of cryoprotectant agents (CPAs). This might be understandable in light of the fact that most cryobiologists are, in fact, biologists. I suspect […]