Selected Cryonics / Life Extension Writings and Presentations

Interview with Aschwin de Wolf (by Sven Bulterijs), LongeCity, February, 2017
Interview with Aschwin de Wolf (by Stephen Cave), September, 2013

Aschwin de Wolf – Beyond Skull and Skin: Concepts of Identity and the Growth of Cryonics (June, 2015)
Aschwin de Wolf – Identification, Validation, and Implementation of New Cryonics Technologies – Presentation in Dresden, Germany (October , 2014)
Aschwin de Wolf- A Skeptic’s Guide to Cryonics (September 2013)
Aschwin de Wolf – Cryonics Without Repair: Why Reversible Cryopreservation Matters (2013)
Aschwin de Wolf – Alcor vs Disintegration (2013)
Aschwin de Wolf – Chemical Brain Preservation and Human Suspended Animation (2013)
Aschwin de Wolf – Preserving and Inferring (September-October 2012)
Aschwin de Wolf – Connectome: How the Brain’s Wiring Makes Us Who We Are (Book Review)
Aschwin de Wolf – Thinking about Brain Threatening Disorders and Cryonics (2012)
Aschwin de Wolf – Annotated bibliography of cryoprotectant toxicity (2012)

Aschwin de Wolf – Neural Cryobiology and the Legal Recognition of Cryonics (2011)
Aschwin de Wolf – The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension (Book Review, 2011)

Aschwin de Wolf – Case Reports in Cryonics (2010)

Aschwin de Wolf – Non-Existence is Hard to Do: A Review of Contemporary Antinatalist Writings (2010)
Aschwin de Wolf – Cryonics and Fear of the Future (2010)
Aschwin de Wolf – Medico-Legal Aspects of Human Cryopreservation Optimization (2010)
Aschwin de Wolf – The Ethics of Cryonics Interference (2010)
Aschwin de Wolf – Chemopreservation: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (2009)
Aschwin de Wolf – Scientific Optimism and Progress in Cryonics (2009)

Aschwin de Wolf – 5 Dangerous Ideas About Cryonics (2009)

Aschwin de Wolf – Critical Cooling Rate to Prevent Ischemic Brain Injury (2008)
Aschwin de Wolf – Vitrification Agents in Cryonics: M22 (2008)
Aschwin de Wolf – Why is Cryonics so Unpopular? (2008)
Aschwin de Wolf – Alcor’s Self Perpetuating Board: Reviewing the Arguments (2008)
Aschwin de Wolf – Future Directions in Human Cryopreservation Combinational Pharmacotherapy (2007)
Aschwin de Wolf – Cryonics: Using Low Temperatures to Care for the Critically Ill (2007)
Aschwin de Wolf – Depressed Metabolism (2007)
Aschwin de Wolf – Securing Viability of the Brain in Cryonics (2007)
Aschwin de Wolf – Rapid Stabilization in Human Cryopreservation (2006)
Aschwin de Wolf – Human Cryopreservation Stabilization Medications (2006)

[Archive of Aschwin de Wolf’s Cryonics Magazine columns]

Chana Phaedra – Multiple Sclerosis and Human Enhancement (February, 2014)
Chana Phaedra – Isolation of the Brain for Human Cryopreservation (January, 2014)
Chana Phaedra – Though She Isn’t Really Ill, There’s a Little Yellow Pill…(December, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – An End to Virus (November, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – No More Couch Potato (October, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Cryopreservation of the Brain: An Update (September, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Brain Fitness (August, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Reconstructive Connectomics (July, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – HIV, Immunosenescence, and Accelerated Aging (June, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Apolipoprotein E Genotype and Viral Infections (May, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Alzheimer Disease in 2020 (April, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Ancient Brains (March, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Consciousness, Natural Selection, and Knowledge (February, 2013)
Chana Phaedra – Cryopreservation of the Ischemic Brain at the Alcor-40 conference (2012)
Chana Phaedra – Cryonics: Preserving Minds, Saving Lives presentation at XFF, Los Angeles (2012)
Chana Phaedra – Presentation about cryonics at the Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club in Portland, Oregon (2012)
Chana Phaedra – LongeCity Podcast about cryonics research (2012)
Chana Phaedra – Interviewed by Alcor Member Larry McElhinney on HealthHaven Live Webcast (2008)
Chana Phaedra – Nosy Neuroprotection: Intranasal Administration of Neuroprotective Agents to the Brain (2007)

William Faloon – Death is Gruesome…Cryonics Only Makes it Less So! (2009)

Mike Darwin – A Cold Nose and a Cold Brain?  The RhinoChill: A New Way to Cool the Brain Quickly (2011) PDF
Mike Darwin – Prospects for Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia and Improved CPR in Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation (2009) PDF

Mike Darwin on Anoxic CPS (2008)

Mike Darwin – How Dead is Dead Enough? (2008)
Mike Darwin – Structure-Function Analysis of Neuroprotectants (2008) PDF
Mike Darwin, Chana de Wolf, and Aschwin de Wolf – Is That What Love is? The Hostile Wife Phenomenon in Cryonics (2008) PDF
Mike Darwin – D(+)-Lactose and Other Sugars in Organ Preservation and Cryonics (2008) PDF

Mike Darwin – Grasping the Nettle – Time for the Rebirth of Cryonics in Britain (2008) PDF
Mike Darwin – Refractometric Determination of Cryoprotective Agent Concentration (1978) PDF

Ev Cooper – Immortality: Physically, Scientifically, Now (HTML)
Ev Cooper – Immortality: Physically, Scientifically, Now (PDF)

B. Luyet – The Problem of Structural Instability and Molecular Mobility in Aqueous Solutions “Solidified” at Low Temperatures (1966) PDF

Gerald Feinberg – Physics and Life Prolongation (1966)

Armand Karow – The Suda Experiment (Cryonics Reports, 1967)
Armand Karow – Goal: Human Cryo-Anabiosis (Cryonics Reports, 1967)

Conquering Aging (Cryonics Reports, 1968)

Interview with Robert W. Prehoda (Cryonics Reports, 1969)

The complete back issues of the Life Extension Society Newsletter and Freeze-Wait-Reanimate are available in PDF (400 MB)

Jerry Leaf – A Pilot Study in Hypothermia (1977) PDF

Arthur C. Clark Letter on Cryonics (1989) PDF

Mike Perry – Historical Steps Toward the Scientific Conquest of Death (2003)
Mike Perry – A Freezing Before Bedford’s (2004)
Mike Perry – Deconstructing Deathism: Answering a Recent Critique and Other Objections to Immortality (2004)

Thomas Donaldson – Why Cryonics Will Probably Help You More Than Antiaging (2004)

Gregory Jordan – Fearless in the Face of Death: Buddhist Detachment, Epicurean Equanimity, and Contemporary Immortalism

Can You Build a Locomotive out of Helium? Robert Ettinger on Substrate-Independent Minds (2011)