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About 35 people attended the Cryonics Oregon-sponsored debate on the subject of SENS. Chana de Wolf was mistress of ceremonies. A show of hands indicated that the great majority of those attending were signed-up cryonicists. There was a sizeable contingent of CI Members who drove down from Seattle for the event. One was Eron Hennessey who bid $100 for an autographed Nanomedicine book by Robert Freitas that was auctioned for the benefit of James Swayze (who also attended the event). The money will be kept by Cryonics Oregon to help pay for equipment  for James. Jordan Sparks has offered to build a portable  ice bath that is large enough for James.

About five people came to the event who were non-cryonicists attending the American Aging Association conference, three of whom I brought in a taxi. A biogerontologist cryobiologist who wishes not to be named also attended.

Dr. de Grey began the debate with his standard presentation explaining the SENS program. After I presented my critique, the cryobiologist took the stage and gave his critique of SENS. Aubrey started by answering the cryobiologist, although he commented on a couple of my points. He and the cryobiologist were soon in an active exchange which went on for a while. It became evident to me the Aubrey was not going to get  around to answering my critique in the remaining 15 minutes of the 2-hour booking for the room. I interrupted Aubrey and the cryobiologist suggesting that questions should  be taken from the floor. Aschwin de Wolf added his critique to the debate, and he was followed by others.

There was not much time for socializing, but there was enough for most of us to have a few brief and rewarding conversations with people we had not seen for a while as well as others we were meeting for the first time.  A few Alcor and CI brochures were taken. One man with a CI brochure expressed interest in having cryonics  arrangements with both CI and Alcor. I told him that CI allows those with dual arrangements to have CI as a backup service provider. Alcor allows dual arrangements, but always insists that Alcor be the primary service provider, and that Alcor can never be the backup.

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Now online is a radio interview with Depressed Metabolism writer Chana de Wolf on cryonics. Some of the issues that are discussed include the use of cryonics for preventing vegetative patients, and the question why cryonics has remained so unpopular despite the impressive technical progress in the field.

You can listen to the show here:


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Please join Chana de Wolf as she speaks with Alcor member Larry McElhinney on his daily HealthHaven live webcast this Friday, June 13, 2008, at 12:00 p.m. PST.

Chana and Larry will discuss cryonics and the science of life extension, especially focusing on topics covered by previous Depressed Metabolism articles, including “Albert Einstein’s brain and information-theoretic death,” and “Preventing vegetative patients through cryonics,” and “Why is cryonics so unpopular?”

We welcome and encourage you to listen live, but we will also provide a link to the broadcast at a later date for those who are unable to tune in.